Rocket Talk!

A few weeks ago, I recorded an episode of Rocket Talk, the podcast, with host Justin Landon. We talked about Planescape, the New Weird, SHIELD AND CROCUS (as a new weird/superhero mashup), and then we had a bonus discussion about urban fantasy). You can listen to the episode here. Since I didn’t get to mention…

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Marie Brennan Interview

Back in the day, when I was a fresh-faced n00b writer, I joined a writers group, including the Aggressively Competent Marie Brennan, about to debut with Doppelganger (now titled Warrior) from Warner-Aspect. Marie and I met through a gaming troupe, and it’s been a pleasure to watch her steady career growth, including a huge step up with…

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Hi folks – I’m looking for a high-quality headset, preferably with a mic, for podcasting use as well as day-to-day computer work (I work from home across the alley from a school playground).

I’d love to stay under $200 if I can, but can spare a bit more if it allows a big leap in quality.. Any suggestions?

“I Remember When SF Was All About Straight Men Doing Stuff.”

At least, that’s my paraphrase of this essay from “The Spearhead” Have you read that?  No?  Go back and check it out.  Take a walk or go sparring to work out your righteous fury, then come back to read. Done?  Ok. The essay in question is both 1) infuriating and 2) about genre fiction…

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