The Tricky Thing About Reading ‘Neutral’

The following was prompted by a recent Telegraph article responding to K. Tempest Bradford’s reading challenge on XOJane. (I’m not linking the Telegraph article because I think it’s a steaming pile of crap – it’s poorly-researched, uses terrible argumentation, and includes personal attacks) A response I see come up frequently when people talk about reading challenges or…

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The Content Wars Come to Publishing – KU and Subscriptions

or Veteran of a Thousand Content Wars  (with apologies to Hawkwind) We’re well and properly in the era of The Content Wars in the US entertainment industry – internet music subscription services like Spotify and Pandora, but also into TV/film with start-ups like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon moving into the content-generation business, all-you-can-watch services that…

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Rocket Talk!

A few weeks ago, I recorded an episode of Rocket Talk, the podcast, with host Justin Landon. We talked about Planescape, the New Weird, SHIELD AND CROCUS (as a new weird/superhero mashup), and then we had a bonus discussion about urban fantasy). You can listen to the episode here. Since I didn’t get to mention…

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Marie Brennan Interview

Back in the day, when I was a fresh-faced n00b writer, I joined a writers group, including the Aggressively Competent Marie Brennan, about to debut with Doppelganger (now titled Warrior) from Warner-Aspect. Marie and I met through a gaming troupe, and it’s been a pleasure to watch her steady career growth, including a huge step up with…

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Hi folks – I’m looking for a high-quality headset, preferably with a mic, for podcasting use as well as day-to-day computer work (I work from home across the alley from a school playground).

I’d love to stay under $200 if I can, but can spare a bit more if it allows a big leap in quality.. Any suggestions?