Publishing Sampler

We’re exactly three months from the release of Genrenauts: The Shootout Solution, and to help promote the line, Publishing has released a free sampler with previews of each of their launch list. In the two chapter preview of my novella, you get to meet Leah Tang and the Genrenauts, a group of interdimensional travelers that…

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The Many Sides of Bundling

Earlier this week, Tor announced that it had partnered with BitLit to offer discounted ebook editions to readers who already own print editions ($2.99 per book). Angry Robot has had a bundling promotion running for some time, offering free ebooks to customers who buy the physical from one of several bookstore partners, or at conventions…

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Baltimore Links

Earlier this month, a man named Freddie Gray was arrested and suffered massive injuries (including a severed spine) in the van after being arrested. Freddie Gray died a week later, on April 19th, from those injuries. This latest death of a black person as a result of interaction with the police has caused always-simmering tensions…

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SFWA Welcomes Self-Published and Small Press Writers

Late Tuesday afternoon, SFWA announced that it was revising its membership requirements to specifically allow self-published/indie/author-published and small press writers. This move had been under discussion for quite some time, and like many professional organizations, SFWA is somewhat slow to make large policy changes. But changed it has. I am incredibly pleased by this change. There are…

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I’ve talked before about the Content Wars in media – the fight for exclusive content, of capturing, holding, and monetizing attention with subscription models, walled garden marketplaces, and so on.

It behooves writers, readers, and all media consumers/producers to stay abreast of what’s going on in the broader business landscape for creatives.

Which is why I wanted to point out this Tumblr article by musician Zoe Keating.

The music industry is not the publishing industry, so I’m not saying this precise model will be replicated in publishing with services like Kindle Unlimited, Oyster, Scribd, etc.

But among other things, it’s a good reminder to be aware of the partnerships you’re making, and that aggregators, distributors, and retailers (Google, YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Kobo) are not your friends. They are businesses looking out for their own best interests. And if you are beholden to any one of them for too much of your business/reach/content, it can and often does end poorly.

The Content Wars Come to Publishing – KU and Subscriptions

or Veteran of a Thousand Content Wars  (with apologies to Hawkwind) We’re well and properly in the era of The Content Wars in the US entertainment industry – internet music subscription services like Spotify and Pandora, but also into TV/film with start-ups like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon moving into the content-generation business, all-you-can-watch services that…

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Simon & Schuster’s New Deal with Amazon

So, this news broke yesterday: With precious few details. Context: My books Geekomancy, Celebromancy, Attack the Geek, and The Younger Gods are all published by Simon & Schuster. I’ve got a lot of literary skin in this game. I also have work out with Amazon Publishing, who published Shield and Crocus, and are contracted to publish an…

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That’s right, my third (and final) major release for 2014, the first-in-series Supernatural Thriller THE YOUNGER GODS is here, complete with awkward sorcerers, bizzare monsters, and The Big Apple. Here’s what people are saying: “it’s a marvelous start to a new series – heavy on the action that opens up a new world of mythology…

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