Joy of Listening – Nov 2015

I listen to a *lot* of podcasts. The first one I remember is I Should Be Writing, which was my lifeline to the world of SF/F writing during my MA work in Oregon. I picked the habit back up when I was working as a traveling book rep, since my working week often included 20+ hours of driving.

So now that I work from home, I find that I’ve got way more podcasts that I’m interested in than I can make time to listen to them, even listening over breakfast, lunch, dishes, and afternoon walks.

And since misery loves company, I’m going to recommend some podcasts and episodes, so you too can know the joy of having too many wonderful things to listen to:

Ditch Diggers – A Must-listen for working writers, especially in the SF/F prose world. Hosts Mur Lafferty (of I Should Be Writing Fame) and Matt Wallace give you the no-BS look at what it’s like to write for a living. Ditch Diggers is the Business of Writing Podcast I would have started if they hadn’t gotten to it first – I’m very grateful that they did, because they’re doing a great job.

PlayWell – Games for the Greater Chaotic Good with Adam Koebel – I absolutely love the way Adam talks about making game spaces inclusive and using them to help talk people through difficult topics.

Book Riot – The flagship podcast of the Bookish site Book Riot. Lots of news about the publishing world, with a focus on Literary Fiction.

The Roundtable Podcast – Hosted by Dave “Creageous” Robison, The Roundtable Podcast not only does creator interviews, but they also do regular brainstorming sessions, where a guest writer will bring in an idea or in-progress story, and the hosts (including a working professional Guest Host) help take the idea up to the next level. I’ve appeared on the show a few times, and it’s some of the most fun I’ve had on a podcast as a guest.

And of course, you can hear me on The Skiffy and Fanty Show, mostly talking about media, and also now on Speculate! The Podcast for Writers, Readers, and Fans.

So, now I turn the mic. What are some of your favorite podcasts?

New Geekomancer Under Glass

I’ve got a new post on Skiffy And Fanty in my Geekomancer Under Glass series. This time I’m talking about transmedia storytelling, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, and the MCU.

Here’s a little taste:

There have been TV->film->TV movements, from La Femme Nikita to Star Trek, Star Wars, and more. The Matrix universe delved deep into transmedia storytelling, with animated shorts, video games, and comics.

But Agents of SHIELD was something different — clearly designed as a bridge between movies, the show started weak. Really weak. The pilot episode showed some promise, with Clark Gregg as a compelling lead and Mike Peterson giving a voice to an interesting thematic question (is the American Dream a lie?).

Read the whole thing here

The Skiffy & Fanty Show Nominated for Best Fancast Hugo

Dear all,

I’m over the that’s-not-a-moon to announce that The Skiffy & Fanty Show, the SF/F Podcast I joined last year, has been nominated for the 2014 Hugo Award for Best Fancast. We’re nominated with a great slate of podcasts, and it’s a great honor to be among such company.

You can find a full list of nominees here.

Monday Morning Link Salad

A few cool things happened over this last week, so I’ve assembled them here for public consumption:

KristinD at Bitten By Books gave Attack the Geek 4/5 stars

Mick Happy Reviews gave Geekomancy 4/5 stars


The Shoot the WISB team (myself included) discussed the original 1954 Godzilla

And in case you missed it back on March 7th, I announced that there will be a third Ree Reyes novel: Hexomancy, in 2015.

2013 Eligibility and Recommendations

Hi all. Because I have a zillion projects that I’m juggling right now, I’m late on the Eligibility Round-Ups for 2013 work.



I only published one fiction work in 2013 — CELEBROMANCY, the second in my Ree Reyes urban fantasy series. It is a 2nd in series, but it was written to be accessible to new readers and a stand-alone for folks who don’t like series. It’s available in ebook and the audiobook is performed marvelously by Mary Robinette Kowal.

Mary’s performance of CELEBROMANCY is eligible for Best Dramatic Presentation: Long Form, due to the current interpretation of how audiobooks are handled for eligibility. I’d strongly encourage people to consider their favorite audiobook performances of 2013 when drawing up your Best Dramatic Presentation: Long Form ballots.

I suppose I am also eligible for the World Fantasy — Special Award: Professional for my work as the Sales & Marketing Manager for Angry Robot Books. But in reality, that award should go to someone making more of an impact on the field. I’m still warming up at Angry Robot — my best is yet to come.

My other award-nominable activity is on the fannish side. I am a contributor to the Skiffy & Fanty blog, which is eligible as best Fanzine. I am also an occasional co-host on the Skiffy & Fanty Show, which is eligible for best Fancast.

And my proudest S&F achievement for 2013, if by proud I mean delighted because it was so much fun, is the Skiffy & Fanty Show Torture Cinema episode on Sharknado. Recording that episode included far more laughing and hilarity than the Daily Recommended Dose, and was really what cemented my friendship with Shaun Duke, Jen Zink, and Julia Rios, who I would go on to join in Skiffy & Fanty hostitude. That episode, taken on its own, would be eligible for Best Dramatic Presentation: Long Form. And wouldn’t it be cool to have something not a movie win the Hugo? Super cool. I won’t shill hard for my novel, but I will shill for that podcast episode. It was super-cool.



Conveniently, in the latest episode of the Skiff & Fanty Show, I make some recommendations of some of the stuff I most enjoyed and would love to see on awards ballots, so you can hear some of what I have to recommend that way.


Does This Make Me Urban Fanty?

Today, Shaun Duke, co-overlord of Skiffy & Fanty revealed…




*Maniacal laugh*


Yep, this means that I’m going to be a regular at Skiffy & Fanty, both the podcast and the blog – this includes author interviews, ongoing columns, the Shoot the WISB movie/TV discussions, Torture Cinema, and more. I really like the S&F folk, and it’s been a pleasure working with them already, plotting and scheming. You’ll see a lot of S&F content coming through here in the near future.