Ree Reyes Gets a 1-Up!

Dear all,

I’m incredibly excited to share the news that Pocket Star and I have agreed to make the final book in my current contract a Ree Reyes novel, continuing the imprint-bestselling series.

Set shortly after Attack the Geek, Ree Reyes #3 will be…


I’m going to start writing Hexomancy next month to turn in toward the end of this year. The likely publication date will be in mid-2015. I promise more geeky magic, vengeful fate witches, and more (mis) adventures in romance for Ms. Reyes.

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    • I’m writing Hexomancy as the halfway point for the series, so that there’s a relative ending, closing off many of the plot threads. Depending on how the series sells, the publisher may or may not want to order more books, and I want to make sure that if it doesn’t work out to do more, readers will finish Hexomancy with a sense of closure, even if there is more to come.

      What will happen after Hexomancy, publication-wise, is still to be determined.

  2. Well, I am super excited to read this book- your stories are awesome! I can’t wait for Hexomancy, and I will be satisfied if you keep writing this series forever!

      • WordPress does weird things with auto-filling avatars, it seems.

        And thanks for the vote of excitement. HEXOMANCY was an utter blast to write, and I hope that it helps boost the series so I can keep writing through to the end of the arc I have in mind with full publisher support.

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