Does This Make Me Urban Fanty?

Today, Shaun Duke, co-overlord of Skiffy & Fanty revealed…




*Maniacal laugh*


Yep, this means that I’m going to be a regular at Skiffy & Fanty, both the podcast and the blog – this includes author interviews, ongoing columns, the Shoot the WISB movie/TV discussions, Torture Cinema, and more. I really like the S&F folk, and it’s been a pleasure working with them already, plotting and scheming. You’ll see a lot of S&F content coming through here in the near future.

One thought on “Does This Make Me Urban Fanty?

  1. As a professional stnuedt of humanity, I agree with you that fiction story, really does teach us about being human, and that we seek it out for that reason. If anything we need it more than in the 19th century. We never stop because we are living in a constantly shifting environment as our technology changes the ways we interact and bring us into increasingly larger social spheres yet isolate at the same time. I recently read a great book called The Storytelling Animal’ by Jonathan Gottschall. He lays out all the best neurological and evolutionary arguments for our drive to tell and consume story in a compelling way (he uses story).

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