The Failed Fellowship (Genrenauts Episodes 5 & 6)

The Failed Fellowship (Genrenauts Episodes 5 & 6)
Series: Genrenauts, Book 5
Genres: comedy, epic fantasy, Science Fiction
Tag: Genrenauts
Publication Year: 2016
We're Going To Need a New Chosen One...
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About the Book

We’re Going to Need a New Chosen One…

The team travels to Traditional Fantasy-land where the prophesied hero has died just before his moment of triumph. The Genrenauts take on the roles of Wizard, Paladin, Fighter, Bard, and more to stop the Night-Lord before his arcane power brings about an eternal night of terror.

In Part 1, the heroes arrive in the story world and seek a weapon capable of defeating the Night-lord. In Part 2, they confront the Night-Lord and uncover a secret with implications that will ripple across the multiverse.

The two-part season finale! If you like Leverage, Redshirts, or Quantum Leap, you’ll love Genrenauts.

Cover design by Sean Glenn.



“This is Underwood at his best — not that he’s not great in SF or the other genres we’ve seen this season — but in Fantasy, he’s at his strength (see the Ree Reyes series for further examples).”
The Irresponsible Reader

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