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At long last, Hexomancy has arrived!

It’s been over a year since Attack the Geek, the last Ree Reyes story, was released, and now Hexomancy closes out the first story arc of the Ree Reyes universe.

If you’re not familiar with the Ree Reyes stories, check out this series summary I wrote for XOXO After Dark to see if it catches your fancy.

For long-running readers, here’s what you can expect from Hexomancy: More Lucretia, more Drake, more Eastwood and Grognard, but also more of the Rhyming Ladies, and plots from the first three books to come back around for a reckoning. Expect Eastwood’s history to figure in a big way, and as always, there’s more of the patented Ree Reyes series pop-culture references, geeky jokes, and energetic action-adventure storytelling.

I’m really proud of Hexomancy – I think it’s the best novel I’ve written to-date, in terms of pacing, action, characterization, and interpersonal relationships. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Click here for links to ebook retailers to get your copy now.

Until next time, Geek on!

10 thoughts on “Hexomancy is here!

  1. Hi!
    I loved Your other books about Ree Reyers, and cant wait to get into Hexomancy too.
    Will it be on audible? I loved Mary Ronbinett Kowals preformance on the other book in this series, but cant seem to find in audible?
    When will it be on audible?
    -Siri Soberg

      • Please-o-Please, I’m only doing books in audible. These days my spare time is spent on the road so audiobooks have been a godsend. Geekomancy and series have been top ranked in my favorites of all time, more of them would be awesome, and if keeping the same reader is possible that too Mary Robinette Kowal has done such an excellent job it would be robbery if she couldn’t keep it going.

        • We haven’t found an audio partner as of yet, but I’m still hoping to find a solution.

          In the mean time, Mary Robinette is also performing the audio editions of Genrenauts, and the first two are available now, with the third coming later this year.

      • I’ve bought the book already so I guess I should just bite the bullet and “read” it. It’s just that the audiobooks have been so much fun.

      • It’s too bad, they have no taste. I’ve listened to geekomancy and celebomancy twice and am currently listening again. Would love to have hexomancy in the family. Thanks for bringing Ree into my life, she is a great person with a wonderful sense of humor.

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