Genrenauts Omnibus cover!

I have for you today the fabulousness that is the Genrenauts Season One omnibus cover, created by Thomas Walker.

Genrenauts Season One cover - art by Thomas Walker

When Thomas sent over his first rough, I was instantly blown away, and totally confident that I had picked exactly the right artist to capture the cross-genre adventure feel of the series. Thomas’s style is both flexible and unforgettable – he brings in elements of movie-poster-style design, and he made my art brief come alive in all of the best possible ways. It draws upon and references the individual episode covers while making a bold move into an incredibly catchy style that sums up the entire season in one amazing image. Every time I look at it, I want to jump ahead and start writing Season Two just so I can commission Thomas to do another piece of art.

But that’s getting ahead of myself. First, I’ve got to finish up the omnibus for Kickstarter backers and other lovely readers.

If you missed out on the Genrenauts Kickstarter, you can now pre-order the omnibus direct from me via Gumroad right now. Other pre-order links coming soon!

UPDATE: Soon is now!





Genrenauts Episode Three Cover Reveal

I’ve already revealed the cover for The Cupid Reconciliation – Genrenauts Episode Three to my Kickstarter backers, but now it’s time to share it with the world.

This cover was designed by Sean Glenn, with some assets graciously provided by so that we could preserve the series style.

Are you ready? Then proceed below the fold…

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GENRENAUTS cover reveal!

The fine folks at have exclusive cover reveals for four of the novellas, including my own Genrenauts Episode 1: The Shootout Solution. Go forth and bask in the artistic marvel!

Big props to Peter Lutjen for a stunning design job on my cover – I love every single piece of it. And a reminder that you can pre-order the book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iTunes before it drops on November 17th.

cover of The Shootout Solution, art by Peter Lutjen

Round ’em up!

Yesterday was a whirlwind. In order to catch up, I’m going to bring together links from activity over the last week so it’s easier to keep up.

Qwill had me back to the Qwillery to talk Attack the Geek, process, and life.’s Stubby sat me down for the Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe. also revealed Stephan Martiniere’s amazing cover for Shield and Crocus.

Attack the Geek Website size


The Armchair Librarian’s review of Celebromancy.

Talking Supe reviewed Attack the Geek.

GeekyLibrary reviewed Attack the Geek.

Shelly Romano’s review of Attack the Geek on NetGalley

And Marc Wright wrote the first reader review of Shield and Crocus.

Trickle-Up Economics? (Rhode Island & more)

This news story via TruthOut caught my interest:

The article mentions Writeahouse, which I’ve blogged about before.

This overall strategy is intriguing, and not just as a part of the creative class this approach is intending to support/use to drive economic growth.

When the details of the PPACA started to become clear, I got a big dose of hope — more support for the arts means more artists living off their art, means fewer artists needing day jobs, means those day jobs go to other people, means the audience for art has more money to support artists.

Programs like this, acting together with the PPACA, could make some serious changes for what it means to be an artist in the USA, and in who can afford to live as a working artist. The easier it is for anyone to make a living as an artist, the more working artists we’ll see, and especially more artists from diverse backgrounds, rather than just artists who have inherited money or have an economic support system to allow them to work without making as much money.

The Thode Island plan is still in proposal stages, and it’s early to see how well facets of the PPACA (Medicare expansion, state exchanges, and plan rebates) will all work in execution, but I’m choosing hope for the moment.