GenCon Recap + CELEBROMANCY deal!

My fellow Geekomancers and Genrenauts,

I write you from a airport brewery restaurant in Indianapolis, having been stranded overnight by weather in Chicago (cancelled the first leg of my flight).

GenCon was, as expected, a glorious time. I was very pleased with my panels and the  Writers Symposium, from the crowds to their questions to my excellent moderators. It was a great experience. I even got to do a tiny bit of gaming, leading me to put a few on my wish (Fortune & Glory, Star Wars: Imperial Assault, Fantasy Age, and others).

I was Angry Roboting most of the weekend, but I did get to hand out sampler chapbooks for Genrenauts: The Shootout Solution to spread the word, and met several fans that came up after panels or found me at the AR booth. W00t!

During the weekend, I was a guest/guest host on no fewer than five podcast episodes, which you’ll hear about in the coming weeks.

Another fun discovery during the weekend was that Celebromancy, the second Ree Reyes novel, is on discount right now on Kindle, just $1.99! If you enjoyed Geekomancy  but haven’t moved on with the series, now’s your chance to do so and save some $ along the way. Remember, Hexomancy is just over a month (!) away.

Hermes permitting, I’ll be home tonight and then taking a couple of rest days to recover from the con and wrap up edits on my second Publishing novella – Genrenauts: The Absconded Ambassador.

Catch you on the flip-side,

One thought on “GenCon Recap + CELEBROMANCY deal!

  1. I scour the new Kindle Monthly Deals on the first of every month – and was delighted to see Celebromancy in the list. Just before Hexomancy releases, I’m planning to pull out my treasured Celebromancy sunglasses, and indulge in a re-read of the series thus far, so as to be up to date (and stylish!) the instant Hexomancy arrives on my kindle!

    Am mildly envious of GenCon-goers and their Genrenauts sampler chapbooks – but I’ve already got it pre-ordered, so I suppose that further teasing of the treat to come is really not needful. 🙂

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