GenCon Schedule

When I was a teenaged gamer, GenCon was The Con. It was just an hour’s drive away, and I’d go every summer. I’d save up my money, then when I was working at a game store, I’d always sign up to work the booth at the con, or arrange with local game designers to demo their RPGs at the con. I’d go, I’d game, I’d work, and I would soak in the glory of the gaming industry’s biggest con.

And since then, GenCon has only gotten bigger. Now it sports an incredibly robust Writers Symposium, with craft and business-oriented programming throughout the weekend.

My primary activity for the weekend will be running the Angry Robot Booth in Author’s Alley – Table Z. You can also find me on the following panels in the Writers Symposium:


9am – Writer’s Craft 101 – Room 245 (SEM1577055)
5-7pm – Once & Future Podcast MEGACAST (SEM1578894)
7pm – Writer’s Craft – Novel Outlines & Synopses – Room 244 (SEM1577118)


6pm – Worldbuilding: Mythology – Room 244 (SEM1577134)


3pm – Worldbuilding: Creating Languages – Room 244 (SEM1577142)
4pm – Worldbuilding: Creating Religions – Room 244 (SEM1577143)


See you there!

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