Introducing GENRENAUTS has announced their launch roster for The Imprint, including two books by me in a new series!

When I heard the news of launching a novella imprint, focusing on digital sales and experimenting with different sales and promotion strategies, as well as offering a higher royalty rate on digital sales, Macmillan had my curiosity.

When they hired my former Angry Robot colleague Lee Harris as the Imprint’s Senior Editor, well…

Django Unchained Gif ' You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.'

My curiosity piqued and my attention garnered, I was inspired. This led to a very funny series of brainstorms, where Marketing Mike went to Writer Mike and said,

“Self. This is a great model. We want in on this. This is 21st century publishing. Let’s come up with an idea for a series in novellas. Like TV in prose – get in for at least a couple to launch the series, then continue it with them or author-publish the rest, using those first two books’ promotional reach to broaden the funnel and get people invested. And if they pass, you can just author-publish the whole thing. You can’t lose.”

To which Writer Mike said,

“Sure, I’ll see what I can do.”

So, with my Writer Hat on, I poked my head into the Giant Green Room of my brain, where dozens of writing ideas (most of them auditioning to be novels) awaited my attention. So I grabbed an idea out of the Green Room and set it tumbling, accreting awesome inspirations and metamorphosing until it became:

Genrenauts: A New Science Fiction Comedy Series

Genrenauts is a comedic SF series with a plurality of narrative forebears: Quantum Leap, Planetary, Indexing, Leverage, The Middleman, and more. Compared to my other work, the series is most like the Ree Reyes books (Geekomancy, Celebromancy, etc.) but with its own tone and point of view.

In Genrenauts, our Earth is just one of many in a multiverse. Each other Earth is the home to a familiar narrative genre: Westerns, Fantasy, Romance, Crime, etc. Each world is constantly playing out stories from its genre, archetypes and tale types smashing up against one another making tragedies and happily ever afters. But like any system, sometimes entropy takes hold, and a story breaks down. When that happens, the Genrenauts step in to fix the story.

Because if they don’t, the dissonance from the broken story spills over and changes Earth on a fundamental level. (Science Fiction world goes off-track and scientific innovation stymies, exploration halts; Fantasy world goes off-track and xenophobia rises, cultural rifts widen).

Our series starts when Leah Tang, a struggling stand-up comic, is recruited to join the Genrenauts and discovers that her seemingly-useless genre savvy is suddenly an essential skill for survival in the story worlds.


So, back to the announcement will be publishing the first two episodes of the series:

The Shootout Solution


The Absconded Ambassador

and maybe more yet to come! (To Be Determined)

But this isn’t your average science fiction book series, no no! Genrenauts is a series in novellas – each novella an episode delivering all of the fun of shows like Warehouse 13, Leverage, or The Librarians, in prose form. It’s basically TV for your ereader (or audiobook player, or your bookshelf).

And like my serial storytelling hero J. Michael Stracyzinski, I have a master plan. Each season will have six episodes, and I’m planning for the series to run five seasons.

Episodes 1 and 2 of Season One are coming from, and Episodes 3-6 will be released either with or on my own, depending (again, TBD).

I’m incredibly excited to bring you Genrenauts with as my partners – the series is a return to form for me after experimental works like Shield and Crocus and The Younger Gods. Expect compelling characters, action and adventure, my personal brand of comedy, and all of my thoughts about what makes genres and storytelling tick.

And in conclusion…

15 thoughts on “Introducing GENRENAUTS

  1. Fantastic news! And congratulations on a new series!!

    My mental image of your Giant Green Room is a well appointed lounge filled with an array of costumed characters, some quite detailed and distinct, others perhaps a bit more fuzzy around the edges. All mingling, drinks in hand, comparing their various story seeds, waiting for Stage Manager Mike to come in with his clipboard, and call their names. 🙂

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