Shield and Crocus super-bundle contest

Contest time!

I’m going to give away a three-pack of Shield and Crocus awesomeness – the paperback, a CD audiobook, and a copy of the ebook. I’ll sign and personalize the paperback.

cover to Shield and Crocus

How do I enter?

We’ll have a bit of fun inspired by Shield and Crocus. Comment on this post and tell me your favorite superhero, and what fantasy world you’d love to see them in, and why.

Deadpool in Ankh-Morpork or Wonder Woman in Westeros, and so on.

Enter by July 2nd, 12 Noon EDT, and I’ll select a winner at random to get the deluxe pack. Entrants from USA and CAN will be eligible for the full pack – entrants from elsewhere in the world are welcome, but the prize will be just the ebook.

41 thoughts on “Shield and Crocus super-bundle contest

  1. So many choices here. So many options. Spiderman in Ankh-Morpork…because him tangling with the Watch AND Unseen University would be too good. (Spidey’s teamed up with Dr. Strange, he’s a character that can deal with magic).

    So I will go with an oddball choice. Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), in the Amberverse. I think that would upset a lot of applecarts to have someone so clearly powerful, but not connected to the Royals, running around, and given her power suite, dimension jumping isn’t a stretch (She’s been to Asgard, too, now that I think of it) . Now, shadow people however powerful usually don’t cross worlds. The fact that Carol can, and has her powers, is a plot point waiting to be picked at.

  2. Iron Man in Middle-Earth. He would definitely take up the ring, if only to see if it fit his finger. After destroying Minas Tirith and most of Gondor, he would realize he needs to destroy it and get the job done.

  3. ironman in the “mistborn” world would be interesting. because he’s pretty powerful, but i think he’d probably get his ass kicked and be humbled there.

  4. I would love to see Hellboy sneak into some darker, Lovecraftian fiction somewhere along the way. There are enough anthologies with a Lovecraftian bent that it would be possible (albeit likely improbable) for a graphic crossover in which Hellboy and the BPRD meet up with Herbert West or Cthulhu.

  5. I’m gonna have to go with Superman, but in the Dresden Files world.

    He’s basically a living god and a good guy, but the entire series is based on magic, which is a big no-no for him. I’d love to see how a writer would manage to have him face off against the fae, when pretty much even a low level warlock could conceivably end his stay fairly quickly.

    That and I think he’s kind of a spiritual brother at least, to Harry and maybe even Michael with how he’s written. Hell, he’d be proof that Sanya’s agnostic feelings could be true. The Archangel Michael might be an alien, and here comes Superman floating in the air, being an alien, and pulling off what would be conceivably impressive magic with no effort. He casts fire from his eyes, incredible strength, flight, freezing things and all without magic words or spells.

    It’d be a hell of a dust up, and one I’d love to read.

  6. Does Super Mario count as a superhero? If so, I’d send him to Ambergris so he can get a handle on that whole mushroom situation.

    Otherwise, Aquaman to Mievile’s Armada. I just think he’d be happy there.

  7. I think Deadpool in Game of Thrones. For no other reason than having him comment on the various backstabbing of Westros would definitely be worth the price of admission.

  8. I want to see Aquaman on Roshar. If Aquaman were to be at the Shattered Plains, he could control the Chasmfiends there. Majority of the wildlife on Roshar are crustaceans. With the amount of Highstorms that sweep across Roshar, no one would mock the world leader that is Aquaman.

  9. Hmm this is a good one. I’d have to say Deadpool in Westeros. The amount of killings there is staggering; it’d be hilarious to have someone plot Wade’s death just to find that he won’t die, even if they behead him. Anyways good luck to everyone else, I really hope I win.

  10. This is actually pretty easy: The Ultimate version of Spider-woman– the female clone of Peter Parker– in the universe of “the Dresden Files.” With main character Harry Dresden being such a huge fan of Spider-man, the interplay between the two could be absolutely amazing, and “Jessica,” as the clone called herself, would probably fit in well with the supporting cast.

    Then add in that downtown Chicago would make a great playground for a Spider-person, and you could have a metric ton of fun!

  11. Hrm…The Question in Skartaris…which you could actually all do within DC. I think Travis Morgan and Vic Sage teaming up would only be better if Oliver Queen showed up too.

    For something less “all in one” IP. Luke Cage and Westeros. A Lannister always pays his debt, but a Cage always collects them.

  12. Ever since I was a little kid I’ve been enamored by the mystique of Batman and Gotham City’s cavalcade of villains. So why not take that gruff, industrious vigilante and hurl him into the future, namely the future as depicted by Joss Whedon’s “Firefly” universe. How might an obsessed crimefighter with money to burn and an ax to grind fare in that universe? The headbutting between Bats and Mal would prove entertaining, as well.

  13. Ooooh lots of great thoughts here. Hulk’s a favorite, throw him into Camorr (I just have to keep you here… until HULK shows up).
    That’s actually not that great an idea…
    Let’s put Superman into Westeros. It’d be great to see some justice there.

  14. Oh, that’s *easy*. Two/three things.

    First, Dr. Strange in both your own Ree Reyesverse and Jim Butcher’s Dresdenverse. The amount of geeking out over magical theory would be LEGENDARY.

    Second, the Tick in Westeros. Hilarity ensues.

  15. Easiest contest ever.

    The answer is definitely The Flash in the Mistborn setting.


    The Flash is the best superhero of all time. Superspeed in the Mistborn world would be pure insanity. A Mistborn takes Atium, but can seeing a few seconds into the future stop a speedster? What about trying to dampen their emotions? Does it slow them down?

    Thanks for the contest!

  16. He-Man in Expanse universe – Caliban’s war wouldn’t have started because he would’ve smacked the mutant monsters in the 1st scene.

  17. I’ve got two, actually:

    Hellboy in Mieville’s New Crobuzon seems a natural fit, doesn’t it?

    I would also like to see Wonder Woman take on some of the Forsaken in Randland/Wheel of Time

  18. I’d like to see the Confessor from Astro City dropped into Joss Whedon’s Buffyverse. He’s a vampire trying to do the right thing, using his supernatural powers to be a dark hero. I think he’d fit right in with Angel, Spike and the gang. And maybe they could get him to lighten up a bit so he’d stop being all broody.

    Moreover, Xander would make a kick-ass Altar Boy.

  19. I would love to see Storm in Avatar: The Last Airbender. I would love to see her kick Azula’s butt up and down the Fire Nation and then hang out with Lin like a couple of old school chums.

    Or Professor X in Westeros. I can’t imagine the high jinxes him and Bran could get up to

  20. Hmm… I’d love to see Storm in Roshar, because that would be kind of ironic and awesome. And I’m sure Brandon could have her join the Knights Radiants alongside Kaladin and the rest.

  21. Zot — Scott McCloud’s perpetually optimistic superhero — in Patrick Rothfuss’s world of the Four Corners.

    He’d wander into Kvothe’s bar, pull up a chair, have something non-alcoholic and sit in on Kvothe telling his life story to the Chronicler for a while. And at some point, he’d get up and by the sheer force of his good nature, convince Kvothe to help him go out and rescue someone. Because he’d be sure it would make Kvothe feel better. And because it’s the right thing to do.

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