Shield and Crocus cover reveal!

At long last, the cover to Shield and Crocus has been revealed on!

Go over there and bask in the awesomeness, okay? I’ll wait here.



Super-cool, right? I was totally awed. Like, open jaw ‘Whaaa?’ awed. It think that Stephan Martinière is one of the best fantasy/science fiction artists working today (and might be the single best landscape painter among them), so the fact that he brought one of my worlds to life, and with a painting of that caliber, is still kind of mind-blowing for me, almost a month after I saw the first rough sketches.

While you’re basking in the cover’s awesomeness, you might as well go and pre-order Shield and Crocus in your preferred format 😉


cover to Shield and Crocus

3 thoughts on “Shield and Crocus cover reveal!

  1. That is absolutely stunning, Michael!

    I’m not sure how it works with cover art – would you be able to get a print of this artwork to frame and display?

    • I should be able to get a print. That will depend on the terms of the contract – I may end up going straight to Stephan Martinière and ordering a print.

      When I hear about general commercial availability of prints, I’ll be sure to let folks know.

      • Yeah, I’d buy a print of this (or hope its in Stephan’s next collection). I’ve only one print of his, but a slew of his books

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