Geekomancy in the Academy

This morning, during breakfast, I saw a hit on my Twitter feed, and discovered something amazing!

As an ex-academic myself, this was a double-dose of awesome.

Before my publishing career, I was a pop culture scholar in undergrad and in my M.A. work at the University of Oregon, presenting at conferences with paper topics like “Can I Get Change for That Plot Twist?: Dramatic Currency for Communal Narrative Shaping” and “Holy Genre Trouble, Batman!: The Dark Knight as a Pulp Vigilante Trapped in a Superhero World.”

You can read part of the conference program here, including what appears to be Brown’s abstract:

I’ve reached out to Mr. Brown, and soon I hope to have a copy of the paper/presentation to peruse.

So cool!

One thought on “Geekomancy in the Academy

  1. This is EPIC! And, as you observed, so very appropriate for a gentleman of your academic heritage.

    When your work is cited as an affirmation of a cultural phenomenon, you know you’ve crafted something relevant and topical. The list of authors who have enjoyed such recognition is short and distinguished. Congratulations, Michael!

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