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Earlier this week, I submitted the revised manuscript for Celebromancy to my editor. From there, my editor will give it another once-over and, if he finds it suitable (fingers crossed), he’ll send it off into the magical production department. The Production folks will take care of things like cover design, copy editing, typesetting, and all of the things that turn a Word document into a book.

And that’s not all! I’m tremendously excited to announced that Celebromancy, the sequel to Geekomancy, is now available for pre-order! When more retailers load their pre-order pages, I’ll include those as well.

Pre-order Celebromancy on Amazon and 

You can also add it on Goodreads.


If you pre-order Celebromancy, it will automagically be delivered to your preferred ereading device on July 15th. Order now, and be happily surprised on the morning of the 15th, when you will be able to read Ree’s newest adventure. And as with Geekomancy, you will be able to read Celebromancy on a web browser or on your desktop through programs like Adobe Digital Editions.

4 thoughts on “Pre-order Celebromancy now!

    • No cover just yet. No ETA on that just yet, though I am already daydreaming about how it might look.

      And I am definitely having Ree channel Parker. That sequence was one of the most fun to write in the whole novel. 🙂

  1. So-So-SO excited this is published the day before my birthday. It’s like Christmas in July! – Swoon –

    Can’t wait to read up on the Leverage scene. That show kicks butt! Would you ever consider this series becoming a movie?

    • Happy to be able to contribute to your birthday desires. 🙂

      I have a film agent attached to represent Geekomancy, so we are actively pursuing that angle. As soon as anything happens along those lines, be sure that I’ll let everyone know. Sadly, since the film world is so competitive, each stage of the journey from book to film is harder and harder to complete.

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