Geekomancy is here!

The day has finally come! The Pre-orders have delivered, digital Ninja Santa eBook Couriers depositing the novel in people’s eReaders overnight.

Pocket Star has also created a very sharp-looking page featuring Geekomancy and the limited-time price of $1.99:

In other news: I have a guest post up at All Things Urban Fantasy, along with a giveaway of the eBook (I will also sign a picture of the cover — the closest thing to a ‘signed eBook’ that seems to be available right now):

My friend and marvelous Historical YA Paranormal Romance author Leanna Hieber has given me a lovely blurb on Goodreads:

Geeks rejoice! This is your new favorite book. A frakking clever, funny, engaging novel that toes a surprisingly perfect line between meta and unabashedly delightful storytelling. There is a reference for everyone and even the unwashed masses of non-geeks can enjoy it and hopefully learn a thing or two about being awesome.” – Leanna Renee Hieber, award winning, nationally bestselling author



I am also interviewed on WFIU for the show Artworks, in an episode on comics and comic culture here — but a recording will be available if you can’t listen at 7pm on the 10th (just 10 minutes from this post!).


And as of this post, GEEKOMANCY is #2,137 in the Paid Kindle store, and #44 in both of these categories:

Thank you everyone, for making this launch day a huge success!

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