Write-a-Thon Week Three Report

Week three yielded 5361 words, even with a totally lazy 4th of July. The big pushes on Saturday are working really well, as I’m training my discipline and doubling down several times to hit those higher word-counts per session. I used to be able to hit 1K regularly, but seldom more than that. If I can get 2K word days consistently during the Write-a-Thon, that lets me set precedent and expect more of myself when I’m writing.

Up to 32K words, though I’m pretty sure about 4K of that is getting cut instantly due to changing my mind about the opening of the novel. I was able to cannibalize some of the good stuff out of the first beginning, but the rest will live off separately just in case I need to use more.

I’ll get another long session today, but the rest of the week could be pretty sparse, due to Self-Promonado. We shall see.

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