Write-a-Thon Week One

As I previously mentioned, I’m participating in the Clarion West Write-a-Thon, which runs concurrently with the 2011 workshop in Seattle.

My first story for the Write-a-Thon is “Can You Tell Me How To Get…”, a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk muppet story.  Yeah, that’s right: muppets.

We’ve hit our participant goal, now we’re looking for sponsors to support one or more writers while we toil away for the next six weeks, sculpting awesome out of pure nothing, fueled by caffeine, madness, and whatever other sins the various writers use for inspiration.

Here’s a short teaser from the story-in-progress:

“Can you tell me how to get to Paprika Place?” Charlie would ask.  The ones that remembered him from their TV days would shake their heads politely.  They’d been viewers once, tuning in every afternoon to learn their letters and numbers.  The younger ones, or the ones whose parents had worked for The Mouse or CapeCo, who’d been forbidden to watch Bunco’s shows, they would just recoil from Fluffasaurus and run back to their houses.  Then the guards would come in their sharp black suits and sunglasses and ask him to move along.

Remember kids, don’t talk to strangers!

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