You’re On the Global Frequency: Headset recommendations?

Hi folks – I’m looking for a high-quality headset, preferably with a mic, for podcasting use as well as day-to-day computer work (I work from home across the alley from a school playground).

I’d love to stay under $200 if I can, but can spare a bit more if it allows a big leap in quality.. Any suggestions?

One thought on “You’re On the Global Frequency: Headset recommendations?

  1. People swear by Turtle Beach headsets for gaming, which have excellent audio and a pretty decent microphone too. I used to play Halo with friends who knew the enemy was coming because they could hear their footsteps.

    Also, I feel like John Anealio would have a good answer to this, since as a musician and podcaster he’s owned and tested quite a few.

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