Friday Morning Round-Up

The release week whirlwind continues! I’ll try to round up some of the greatest hits here for folk that haven’t been glued to their Twitter streams (you know, sane and normal people living their lives and not obsessing over their first book release, natch.)

Geekomancy now has several reviews across the eTailersphere, including this one from Publishing Iconoclast, Evil Wylie:

For any readers out there — the more reviews the book the has, the easier it is for readers to know if they’re likely to enjoy the book. So if you’ve read Geekomancy and feel like reviewing it on, Amazon, iBooks, Google, Goodreads, etc., I would be very appreciative.

I also had the chance to guest blog at the journal of Mary Robinette Kowal, talking about My Favorite Bit in Geekomancy:

The Reading Room has an exclusive on sampling the third chapter of Geekomancy. This means you can now read three chapters of Geeky Goodness to see if the book is going to be up your alley.

The novel has been hanging out in some pretty sweet positions on the sales rankings, which I hope will continue to help with exposure.

And, speaking of exposure, here’s a special ‘Mike’s Vicarious San Diego Comic-Con Awesome’ glimpse of Geekomancy at the convention. I may not be there, by my book is!:


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