Media Co-Agent Activate!

I’m stoked to announce that I’ve signed with Jon Cassir of Creative Artists Agency to represent GEEKOMANCY for film/tv rights. Jon really gets the novel, and he has lots of great ideas on how to pitch the project.

This is the first in many long steps on the road to Hollywood, but it’s a step! After this, the next step would be getting a production company to request an option, which is basically ‘dibs’ — if a company has an option, no one else is allowed to purchase rights to the work. This gives the production company the time to put together a package to get support for moving forward. There are many more steps after that, but that’s where we are.

One thought on “Media Co-Agent Activate!

  1. Wow, that’d be fantastic to see a Geekomancy movie coming to theaters near me. But for now, I’d settle for getting my hands on a copy of the book!

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