Introducing Born to the Blade

Hi folks! I’m very happy to bring you something I’ve been working on for a long time and had to keep under my hat until now.

I’m working with Serial Box on Born to the Blade, an epic fantasy serial with co-writers Malka OlderCassandra Khaw, and Marie Brennan. I’m the creator and lead-writer on the team, and the series is releasing in April.

Born to the Blade is like Avatar the Last Airbender meets The West Wing–with magic sword duels

In Born to the Blade, a desperate ambassador, a conflicted loyalist, and a brash duelist will help determine the fate of nations with spell and steel.

You can subscribe to the series here:

Here’s how Serial Box works. If you’re a subscriber, you get both the ebook and audio edition of each episode automatically every week as they release for one discounted price. Serial Box also has a specialized app where you can seamlessly switch between reading and listening.

We just have a placeholder page for Born to the Blade right now, but there’s more information coming. You can go ahead and subscribe to the series now if you’re interested.

I’ll have more information on the series soon, along with the Promonado (TM) that will accompany the release.

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