Today I am grateful to every person that rose to the challenge this year. Mostly in the US because that’s where most of my friends live, but everywhere, really. Here I’m going to mostly speak about the USA, but I know that what happens here impacts people everywhere.

I’m grateful for people that called/wrote/faxed their elected representatives. For people that protested at airports or in the streets or at the capital. That marched or filled a town hall to demand action. To the people that donated to candidates they believe in, who energized, encouraged, and educated their fellow citizens.

I am grateful for the fact that when a thoroughly unworthy corrupt bigot took the office of the presidency he was met not just by his adoring public, but by a loud chorus of patriotic opposition, by marches around the world filled with people that made their voices heard and found one another.

I’m grateful for civil servants that refused to follow unjust orders. For people that stepped up to run for office, wanting to make the system work better, to fight for their neighbors and the future.

I’m grateful for the fact that even in this year that has been so long, so hard, and so dispiriting, there is still hope. And that hope is you all. I have hope because I know we are not alone.

It may get worse before it gets better, but we can do this.

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