Baltimore Book Festival 2017

This week I’ll be participating in the Baltimore Book Festival as part of the SFWA pavilion.

I’ll be there mostly on Friday and Sunday, spending some time on Saturday to see folks at the Comicon.

Here’s my full BBF schedule:


12PM – The Business of Writing
Let our panel answer your questions about the business side of writing. Whether you’re a curious reader or a new writer, our panelists will discuss how they got started, how to keep going, and other tips and traps of the industry.

Authors: Kate Baker, Sarah Pinsker, Bud Sparhawk, Bill Campbell, Michael R. Underwood

2PM – Pitches & Queries: How I Sold My Book
SF/F authors talk about how they got their agent or book deal, and how they crafted attention-getting queries.

Authors: Addison Gunn, Arkady Martine, K.M. Szpara, Michael R. Underwood. Moderator: KM Szpara

5PM – When Genres Collide! What happens when you mix SF and mystery, or fantasy and romance?
From robot detectives to demon lovers, literature is full of genre mashups. Let’s talk about where mysteries and SF/F and romance and literature all collide.

Authors: Anatoly Belilovsky, Marianne Kirby, Paul Levinson, Sunny Moraine, Michael R. Underwood. Moderator: Jon Skovron



12PM – Signing: Carrie DiRisio and Michael R. Underwood

3PM – Where is Westeros: Secondary Worlds in SF & Fantasy
We’re not in Kansas anymore – or on Earth, for that matter. Our authors discuss how they create new worlds, whether they’re through the looking glass or in a galaxy far far away. Step through the wardrobe and into a whole new read.

Authors: Jamie Lackey, Erin Roberts, Lawrence M. Schoen, Vivian Shaw, Michael R. Underwood. Moderator: Scott H. Andrews



1PM – Dangerous Voices Variety Hour Presents Daniel Jose Older and Sam. J Miller
A fast-paced quiz show in the vein of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me! brought to you by the Baltimore Science Fiction Society. Win free books and learn things you never knew about your favorite authors.

Authors: Sarah Pinsker & Michael R. Underwood host guests Daniel Jose Older and Sam J. Miller.

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