Birthday giveaway

Hello, all!

Today is my 33rd birthday, and as has become my custom, that means it’s time for Hobbit Birthday, which involves me giving you presents. And this year is extra-Hobbit-y, since Frodo turns 33 in the start of The Lord of the Rings.

Please comment below with a favorite birthday memory to be entered to win the following prizes. Please also tell me if you’re in North America (for ease of shipping).


2x ebook copy of The Shootout Solution
1x ebook set of The Shootout Solution and The Absconded Ambassador


2x Signed & personalized paperback copy of The Shootout Solution.
1x Signed & personalized paperback set of The Shootout Solution and The Absconded Ambassador
1x signed ARC of Shield and Crocus

Genrenauts Combined

Please comment by 11:59PM EST today (the 24th) to enter, then keep an eye on this post tomorrow to see if you won!

21 thoughts on “Birthday giveaway

    • It occurs to me that I really should read the guidelines for the contest before commenting. 🙂 Favorite birthday memory is from my most recent one. All my friends got together to play Cards Against Humanity and eat pizza. We also like to call this ‘the occasional Sunday evening’. This particular Sunday just also happened to be my birthday.

      And, I am, in fact, in North America.

  1. Growing up, a personal birthday party for me wasn’t a thing. I share a birthday with my father. Further, my family celebrated the birthdays around mine (nearly a half dozen) collectively. We gathered, we had a celebration, I had a small piece of that.

    But a party of mine own? Nope.

    One year, three of my good friends invited me to lunch in the South Street Seaport. They managed to pull off a surprise birthday party for me there, complete with cake. I was in near tears with gratitude.

    Probably my favorite birthday ever, and my favorite memory for sure.

  2. Happy birthday, Michael!

    Last year THE BUILDERS released on my birthday. That was pretty sweet. I’m just thankful to be with all my fam during my birthday. It’s a lucky thing to have.


  3. My favorite birthday memory would have to be when my friend and I were allowed to go to a large mall (by Wisconsin standards, where I am from) and roam around for the first time by ourselves. We were fairly young, and we got dropped off in the morning with what seems like a million dollars to us. We read books at the book store, purchased Nerf guns from the toy store, and subsequently decided to open said Nerf guns and fight one another in the bedding section of Macy’s. Until we were appropriately asked to leave the store that is. We then spent the rest of the day at the gaming store and the arcade. Man, do I miss arcades. They were such a pivotal place in my youth, but they ended up going extinct so quickly. Plus, there was nothing like handing older kids their butts while playing Killer Instinct. I turned 32 6 days ago, so you’re in my age group. I bet you have some similar memories! Cheers~

  4. Birthday memories . . . it was 2003. Newly married, just moved to Florida, found out we were pregnant, just started graduate school. So BIG year. My wife made me a Black Forest Cake, with the whipped cream and cherries on top. It was the first cake she had ever made. She was pleased, and annoyed, that I ate almost the whole thing all by myself after we shared a piece together. Combination of grading papers late into the night and caffeine-fueled munchies. So memorable, and sweet.

    Hope you have a good 33rd go-around-the-sun. Or is that the 34th? Cheers.

    ( I’m in North America! )

  5. Hmmm… my favorite birthday memory you ask? Since you really didn’t specify that the memory had to be about my own birthday… Recently my wife and I travelled from our home in northern Michigan, (so yes, I am in North America!) to the land of the Hoosiers by Indianapolis to celebrate a friend’s 45th birthday. ZOMG!! What a party! It was held at a nice eatery, and they made great martinis! Plus a wonderful band to dance the night away.

  6. North American fan here.

    A couple of years ago I saw The Beatles’ film A Hard Day’s Night on the big screen for my birthday. It was the first time I had ever seen it, and I fell in love with it. I also tried poutine for the first time that birthday! And found a signed Octavia Butler book in a used bookstore!

  7. OK let’s see…happiest birthday memory…there was that time that-oh, no, wait. That got snowed out. And then there was that year–no, THAT was the year everyone had the flu on my birthday. You know what my best birthday was? When I was 7 and had my party at the bowling alley. I invited my whole class from school but I was so afraid no one would come (I was VERY shy back then, believe it or not). Well, almost everyone came, and we had a great time. And the two boys I had crushes on (they were twins) got me the most AWESOME unicorn sticker album. I was so happy that my fears didn’t come true, and had a great day. (and I am indeed in NA).

  8. Ok, so I think this is my earliest birthday memory…We went to MacDonalds! Because that was a big deal and got a quick tour and met Ronald McDonald, then went to the ball pit at Ikea and then to a smallish Flintstones theme park. Obviously, I chose the itinerary, I think I was 6 or 7. I would be so surprised if that park was authorized. But it was a great birthday!
    And I live in Canada which unless they’ve changed things is in North America.
    Happy Birthday!

  9. What a wonderful surprise that must have been, Paul. My favorite birthday memory didn’t actually happen on my birthday. I was determined to finish my doctorate before my 30th & I did. I decided to do the whole cap & gown ritual, but got lost in the crowds after the ceremony. The memory is of finally finding my Mom & Dad, and falling into Dad’s outstretched arms, both of us weeping.

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