ConFusion 2015

This weekend, I’ll be joining some of my favorite authors and hundreds of cool fans at ConFusion, an excellent SF/F convention in Michigan.

Here’s my schedule:

Friday, January 16th

8:00 PM (Southfield) — Urban Fantasy Authors Interview

Jackie Morgan interviews Courtney Allison Moulton, Susan Dennard, Michael R. Underwood, and Diana Rowland

10:00 PM (Model T Boardroom) — Bradley P. Beaulieu and Michael R. Underwood Reading

Brad and I will read things. It will be awesome. Brad is a great reader, and I’d like to think I’m no slouch, either. 🙂

Saturday, January 17th

4:00 PM (Huron-Ontario-Erie) — Autographing session

Saladin Ahmed, Bradley P. Beaulieu, Robert J. Bennett, Tobias Buckell, Cinda Williams Chima, Wesley Chu, Monte Cook, Delilah S. Dawson, Seleste deLaney, Michael J. DeLuca, Susan Dennard, Shanna Germain, Merrie Haskell, Douglas Hulick, Christian Klaver, Mary Robinette Kowal, Courtney Allison Moulton, Laura Resnick, Jason Sanford, John Scalzi, Catherine Shaffer, Patrick S. Tomlinson, Michael R. Underwood, Doselle Young

Come meet your favorite authors, artists and musicians and have them sign things! (Please limit your signing requests to
3 items per person.)

5:00 PM (Dearborn) — Where the $@# Are All My Bookstores?

Michael R. Underwood (M), Christine Purcell, Douglas Hulick, Rowena Cherry

Ah, the good old days when you could just drive down the street to pick up your favorite book. Or is it easier now to just click a “Buy” button? How has the book selling industry changed in the last 20 years, and are bookstores going to quietly

9:00 PM (Southfield) — A Glimpse Behind the Curtain: The Business Side to Writing and Publishing

Michael R. Underwood (M), Tobias Buckell, Kameron Hurley, Whitney Ross

There are many resources available about developing the craft of writing, but many writers enter the business without knowing the nuts and bolts of how the industry works – query letters, agents, advances, contracts, and more. This roundtable with established authors and publishing professionals will cover these topics and more, tailored to audience

Sunday, January 18th

11:00 AM (Huron) — The Comics Code

Saladin Ahmed (M), Michael R. Underwood, Doselle Young, Peter V. Brett

Where have all the diverse, feminist comics gone? How about the 1930s and 40s, in the days before the Comics Code?

12:00 PM (Huron) — Time Travel TV

Michael R. Underwood (M), Whitney Ross, Michael Marcus, David M. Stein

From Doctor Who to Outlander, what’s going on with time travel on TV?


And outside of these panels, you’ll be able to find me in the common room or the bar, most likely. It is a convention, after all.

See you there!



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