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Shield and Crocus is here, and it has brought with it a PROMONADO!

Here’s a round-up of recent goings-on in the land of Geekomancers and Shields of Audec-Hal:

“Underwood switches up from Urban Fantasy to New Weird secondary-world fantasy while maintaining excellent action-adventure beats…Aubec-Hal is a wondrous place, with many strange corners and facets, and excellently rendered.” —SF Signal

 “Underwood has written another fast, fun, and engaging book…Get your popcorn ready and grab a copy of Shield and Crocus. Summer is here, and summer reads don’t come much more enjoyable than this.”
Fantasy Faction

Guest posts:

My Favorite Bit at the journal of Mary Robinette Kowal

Kind words from writer friends:

Michael J. Martinez gives a shout-out and talks about the book.

Marie Brennan recalls the long history of the book (much of which she was privy to, as we go way back).


I was interviewed by Verushka Brow.

Last, but super-amazeballs definitely not least, I was on Sword and Laser! The interview is the last segment. I’ve been a S&L viewer/listener for years, so it was awesomely surreal to be on as a guest.

And a fun bit for folks who haven’t seen the book yet – here’s the map 47North had made (by XNR Productions):

Shield and Crocus map



2 thoughts on “Link to the (Recent) Past

  1. I’m a little more than halfway through the book and I am starting to really get hooked, but I have a question about something I read last night. There is a discussion about the trains and someone mentions that a train ride 3/4’s of the way across the city takes 4 hours. The titan, whose bones make up the city was 20 miles tall. Why would it take 4 hours to travel roughly 15 miles?

    • Hi Rich, thanks for the question.

      The trains themselves only run through part of the city, as the trains pre-date even the Senate government that was overthrown. Much like modern mass transit systems, transferring between trains and from train to bus, etc. really adds up on the time.

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