2013 in Review – Life

Squeaking in just under the wire, here’s my 2013 in review as it applies to my life. Favorite Media will come later.


In The Writing Life:

I released CELEBROMANCY, the second Ree Reyes novel, as well as my first ever sequel. I wrote CELEBROMANCY in less than half the time it took to write GEEKOMANCY, and I’m proud of several things from that novel, mostly in terms of characterization challenges that I gave myself. Plus, I got to write a fight scene with a dragon in it, as well as extended LEVERAGE homage. Another delight with CELEBROMANCY was hearing Mary Robinette Kowal bring it to life in an excellent audiobook edition.

I sold three more books to Pocket Star – ATTACK THE GEEK, which is coming April 7th, 2014, plus two books in a new series, The Younger Gods. Getting a second book deal with your first publisher is a big deal, and a strong vote of confidence from the Pocket Star team.

I sold SHIELD AND CROCUS to 47North, as well as a companion graphic novel (name to be finalized). SHIELD AND CROCUS had been with me for several years, so I was even more excited than normal to find it a home. Plus, comic! More on that soon, I hope.

I spent time focusing on craft in taking a short fiction class online, to great results. I have a writing sprint method now, which has given me two new short stories to revise, as well as the promise of being able to apply it over to novel-writing, with some adjustment.

This year also brought me many amazing moments connecting with readers, fellow writers, and the publishing world. For the first time this year, I was the subject of someone’s fangirling moment at a convention, which is just about the coolest thing ever. Knowing that my work has moved people makes all the long evenings and working weekends totally worthwhile.

I wrote a novel, a novella, and two short stories, as well as two other pitch packages for novel projects yet to sell. I outlined a separate novel, re-outlined a short story, and put several short pieces out on submission. I also committed to writing for the Tianxia anthology, which was funded via Kickstarter.

Conventions I attended solely for my writing included ConFusion, WisCon, the Baltimore Book Festival, and World Fantasy.

Brought on by Sarah Pinsker, I helped her launch a SF/F readings series in Baltimore – the Dangerous Voices Variety Hour, hosting authors such as Leanna Renee Hieber, Fran Wilde, Lois McMaster Bujold, and more.

After several excellent guest spots, I joined the Skiffy and Fanty podcast and blog crew, contributing to the blog and participating in podcasts, mostly author interviews and the Shoot the WISB media review/snark/squee series.


According to my spreadsheets, I wrote 133,867 words of fiction this year. I’d like to get that to at least 150K in 2014, but next year will involve a lot of revision, where it’s harder to keep track of new words, and takes lots of effort on its own.


In Angry Robotic Life:

Between our three imprints, we released over forty amazing science fiction, fantasy, and crime novels, including launching Exhibit A, a hard-hitting cinematic crime imprint.

I got to help dozens of authors get their work out into the world, worked on marketing plans, supported the amazing Random House sales team in getting our books shelf space in stores, and worked with my colleagues on hatching many insidious plans, which you’ll see hatch over the next few months and beyond.

In 2013, I attended BEA, ALA, Convergence, WorldCon, and Bouchercon for work, making connections, selling books, and supporting our authors. I also visited NYC for several author events at stores such as Singularity & Co. and WORD Bookstore.

Among those cons was my first crime convention, Bouchercon, in Albany, NY. Despite being a Crime Padawan, I was welcomed with open arms, made new friends, and learned a ton about the genre and the community. Huge thanks there go to my now-colleague, Bryon Quertermous, for several great talks over the weekend.


In Life-in-General:

I got engaged! Holy crap! We’re not looking at having the ceremony until around Fall ’15, so we have lots of time to plan. As-is, 2014 is already going to be incredibly busy for me, what with putting out three books, writing at least one new novel, and overseeing a graphic novel.

Moved to Baltimore, MD – In March, Meg got a government job in DC, so we moved down to Baltimore, with me working from home, thanks to the grace of my Robot Overlords.

Early in the year, I was studying German Longsword, which was marvelous fun. I haven’t connected with a Maryland group yet, but I know they’re out there. I’ve been busy with the writing stuff, but hope to do more martial arts in 2014.


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