Celebromancy Round-up, Part 2

Hollywood Jane herself (aka Megan Christopher) welcomed me back to her blog for another interview. We’re also giving away a copy of Celebromancy (or Geekomancy, if you prefer) and a pair of the limited edition CELEBROMANCY sunglasses.

The fine folks at Book Country had me come by to talk about the magical art of Sequelmancy.

On Monday night, I hosted a Virtual Launch Party, which turned out to be a chance to hang out and shoot the breeze with friends from all over. Some adult language is used. If you want to know what I’m liking hanging out with my friends, this gives you a pretty good idea (though there is some obligatory self-promo, as in keeping with the theme of the party).

Fellow author Cath Schaff-Stump hosted me with an interview about performative readings.

And I returned to the Skiffy and Fanty airwaves, this time as an interviewee – caution: extreme amounts of geekdom ahead.

And several more guest posts/interviews are coming. This book’s promo work is turning out to be more a marathon than a sprint, which is a bit easier on the time management side.


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