Celebromancy promo request

It’s that time of year again. The time when the young writer makes the rounds on the internet, hat in hand, asking for brief berths on websites, submitting reading copies to reviewers, and generally trying to build a promotional blitzkrieg to surround their new release.

So this is me, standing on the sidewalk of the internet with my Eight-Foot Bride costume holding a rose. 

Celebromancy is coming on July 15th, so if you’re a reviewer and don’t have a copy of Celebromancy (or Geekomancy) but would like to review it, OR if you’d be interested in having me visit your blog for an interview or guest post, please drop me a line.

Some book industry folks are saying “The blog tour is dead, don’t put yourself out over it,” but working for Angry Robot, I’m seeing a solid correlation between authors who to a *lot* of blog tour and outreach and authors who have a good first month of sales. It’s certainly not a guarantee (almost nothing in publishing is a guarantee) but the correlation is enough to make me willing to hit the promo circuit hard for Celebromancy.

That also means that this blog will get quite full of promo activity from June through August, so if you like seeing lots of content about my writing career, rejoice! If you like everything else, I hope you’ll stick around through the self-promo to get the other fun bits you enjoy.

For an idea of what awesomeness could result from answering this request, here are some of the Geekomancy promo appearances that I think came out the best:


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