Moving Right Along

Since my partner is signing for the apartment today, I should probably let everyone know that I’m going to be moving.

Meg, my partner-in-awesomeness, has taken a great position that will require her to live in Maryland. And since my Angry Robotic overlords are gracious, I will get to continue my position and work remotely.

That means that your favorite Geekomancer is going to be re-locating to Baltimore, MD!

But Mike, didn’t you just move to NYC? You might ask. It’s true. We moved to NYC in October, but the job Meg was applying for has a very long processing period, so there was no way for us to know when an offer might come through. But come it has!

I’ve had an incredible time in NYC, since this is the beating heart of the English-language publishing industry, and home to incredible food of all types – especially pizza, my One True Food.

This means that my March is going to be more than a little chaotic, but the end result will be great. I’ll still be visiting NYC once or twice a month for work, so I’ll be able to carry forward some of those connections made over the last few months, and Meg and I will be making trips back into the city to keep enjoying the many amazing features of the Big Apple.

I spent three years working remotely as a field sales rep, so I’m well used to that model – it’s all about discipline, and while I’ll lose out on the office cameraderie, I’ll be totally in control of my working space, which means I can read manuscripts from a treadmill, take sanity breaks to practice my longsword forms, and awesome things like that.

4 thoughts on “Moving Right Along

    • Thanks, Paul!

      I am definitely anticipating some time for adjustment. I’d lived in NYC before, so the culture shock from Indiana to NYC wasn’t as bad. And, as I said, I’ll still get to NYC for business fairly regularly.

  1. Baltimore, huh? Once you’re settled in, definitely look up Tom Leoni, Steve Reich, and (if you can find him) Brad Waller, for continuing sword studies of a historical variety. I can put you in touch with my friend Nafeesa, who has worked with Jared and the Martinezes, and is (I believe) currently in the DC area, as well.

    The local SCA is Atlantia, and there are some good people in those parts. So, there’s that, too.

    • I didn’t know Leoni was in that area! Very glad to hear that there should be some WMA folks in the area to look up. I have met Nafeesa during one of her visits to NYC, so that will be a connection to continue.

      And yes, Atlantia – my skirmishing inclinations will be well-served there. The trick might be getting them to do anything but. 🙂

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