Immortal ConFusion

“Here we are…born to be kings we’re the”…wait, that’s not what they meant by immortal?

Next week, I’m attending Immortal ConFusion, a smaller-ish SF/F convention in Michigan. I heard amazeballs things about the convention after last year, including the Fantasy Author Old-School D&D session. I’m making a concerted effort to hit more conventions this year, so I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

Thanks to the kindness of the programming team, I will be appearing on a couple of panels:


Saturday          2:00:00 PM  Let’s Remake Star Wars

Saturday          4:00:00 PM  Fandom vs. Social Media


It’s like they know me or something. 🙂


Other than that, you can probably find me wherever the “writer professional development zones” (aka bars) are located. Look for the sharp-dressed geek talking shop about publishing using Star Wars metaphors.

See you there!

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