Awesome Blurbabge

So, this happened:

“Geekomancy is a glorious blender of genres, like a sweet candy shell filled with pop culture and high heroism. Absolutely stellar.” – Seanan McGuire, NYT-bestselling author of the October Daye and InCryptid series.

How did this happen, you ask? The story, like the blurb, is awesome.

A while back, I got to chat with Seanan McGuire at Worldcon. I was working the Angry Robot Booth, and she was looking to snag a copy of Chuck Wendig’s Mockingbird. I bought Seanan’s friend Amy McNally’s awesome album Hazardous Fiddle based on her recommendation (you should buy it, too!), and when I mentioned my book, she said “You’re the Geekomancy guy?”

If nothing else, that would have made my day and left me happier. But in addition, Seanan asked for a paper copy of Geekomancy, since she prefers dead tree edition reading (I do too, but work necessitates lots of ereading).

Lo and behold, after a bit of a delay mostly resulting from Authorial Neuroses (mine), we were able to send off a tape-bound reader copy (from a very limited supply created for just this kind of situation), and Seanan very generously responded with the lovely blurb above, along with these two others:

“Fun, fast, and surprisingly deep, Geekomancy is self-aware urban fantasy of the highest order.”

“I can’t wait for the sequel.”


That sound you hear? That’s not the totally over-hyped not-ever-actually-predicted-by-any-Mayans-ever-apocalypse. That’s my happy author squee. Seanan is one of my favorite authors working in Urban Fantasy right now, and on top of running two strong UF series, she’s also writing smart, intense Sci-Fi as Mira Grant. So I take these blurbs as high praise.

Now, back to writing.

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