Audio rights deal!

I’ve been sitting on this for a few weeks, but the deal is up, so now I can shout to the four corners:

Michael Underwood’s GEEKOMANCY and CELEBROMANCY, in which a heroine who works at a comic book shop uses magic drawn from the love of pop culture to defeat evil, to Steve Feldberg at Audible, in a nice deal, by Sara Megibow at Nelson Literary Agency.

That’s right, GEEKOMANCY and CELEBROMANCY will soon be transmissible directly to your ears thanks to the folks at Audible!

This deal is extra special for me since in my last job as a field sales rep, I spent so much time on the road that reading in paper or electronic form was hard. Instead, I consumed 1-3 books a month in audiobook, thanks to an Audible membership.

This means that if you have a commute, like to read books during your workout, or are planning a road trip, my novels will soon become even more accessible. Given that the books have been ebook only so far, this is a great chance for greater exposure.

*Happy author dance*

6 thoughts on “Audio rights deal!

    • It is currently ebook only, which is why the audio deal was so great to lock in.

      Please pass on my thanks to your group for nominating Geekomancy! I know it can be hard, since many people vastly prefer reading physical books.

      I’d love to visit the group for a Q&A or the like for folks who decide to go ahead and read the novel in ebook.


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