CELEBROMANCY release date

After chatting with my editor, I got the clearance to announce the publication date for CELEBROMANCY, the sequel to GEEKOMANCY:

Set your calendars for 7/15/2013! That’s right, CELEBROMANCY will be out in time for SDCC 2013.

It may take some heroic efforts to get me to the con, though, since normal passes sold out before I even had a chance to have a chance to buy a pass. Such is the marvel and allure of SDCC.

I’m doing my first round of revisions right now, and I’m very excited to get this novel out into the world. Every time someone asked about a sequel, it was another log on the fire for me to writer better, write faster, and aim higher with the second novel.

And now back to work!

One thought on “CELEBROMANCY release date

  1. Awesome sauce! Super excited! Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Conquer the masses. Obtain the pass! Must be present for con! Good luck and God speed.

    Hopefully this will not self destruct…I value my laptop…>__<

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