First Draft = Done!

On Sunday, before Superstorm Sandy started to roll in, I managed to finish up the first draft of the sequel to Geekomancy, which clocked in just under 79K words.

There’s quite a bit of revision to be done, but it did what a first draft needs to do — I got the skeleton of the story in place, I met and got to know the new characters, figured out what is different in Ree’s life for book two, what her arc will be, and so on. I’m very excited for this novel, and I hope it will carry forward the things which connected strongly with readers in book one as well as adding in some new elements to develop the world.

My next task, along with ignoring the novel for a couple weeks so I can re-approach it with fresh eyes, is to work on some short stories that I’ve been neglecting due to the whole ‘novels under contract’ thing. I’m not participating in NaNoWriMo per say, but I’ll be plenty busy writing this month. And if things go really well, I’ll also be getting back to work on Metaphysical Fencing Academy (placeholder title), the YA fantasy I was working on when the idea for Geekomancy bushwhacked my brain.

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