Buy One Get One Angry Robot eBook!

My cyborg overlords at Angry Robot Books are offering a great deal today: For every two Angry Robot eBooks you put in your cart from their Robot Trading Company, you’ll only be asked to pay for one.

More info here:

I would specifically recommend:

Blackbirds (Chuck Wendig): A visceral urban fantasy about a woman who can see the deaths of anyone she touches skin-to-skin. She gets some help from a trucker and sees his own death a month ahead — being tortured to death by someone looking for her. You can get Blackbirds and the sequel, Mockingbird, together for the price of one!

Zoo City (Lauren Beukes): Arthur C. Clarke-award winning South African urban fantasy about Zinzi December, who has a magical sloth on her back, a bad Nigerian Scamming habit, and who just took a missing persons case way over her head.

The Corpse-Rat King (Lee Battersby) – The first novel from Angry Robot to be picked out of the Open Door Submissions period last year, this is a darkly comic romp. ‘Corpse-rat’ Marius picks the dead clean of their finest possessions, but when he takes the crown of a dead king, the Dead come to honor him as their king, thinking him the deceased monarch. Now trapped between living and dead, Marius heads off on a mad quest to get the Dead a real king.

Seven Wonders (Adam Christopher) — Adam’s second novel with Angry Robot (the first being Empire State) features San Ventura, home of the world’s last super-villain (The Cowl) and last super-team (The Seven Wonders). When everyman Tony develops superpowers, he sets out to take down the Cowl once and for all. Except the Seven Wonders don’t want any help…Seven Wonders is reminiscent of Astro City or any of the neo-Silver Age re-imaginings of the supers milieu.

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