Geekomancy FAQ

Now that the book has been out for a few weeks, I have questions that count as frequently asked, so I thought I might as well give the answers in a centralized location.


Will there be a sequel to Geekomancy?

Yes! I was contracted for two books in the Geekomancy universe, and I am working on the second one right now. The book is currently scheduled for a 2nd half of 2013 release. Book two will shift focus a bit onto Hollywood and show business, as Ree gets a chance for big break as a screenwriter. But there will still be in-jokes galore and Ree’s signature snark and heroism.


I don’t like reading on computers/tablets/phones. When can I read a paper copy of Geekomancy?

Currently, there is no scheduled print edition of Geekomancy. However, my publisher (Pocket Books) is interested in doing a paper edition if the eBook edition sells well enough. That threshold is intentionally vague, but I  believe it is attainable. If you don’t like reading books on a screen but still want to support Geekomancy and/or me, consider getting a copy for a friend you think might enjoy it and does like reading on screens.


Can I read Geekomancy if I don’t have a tablet or smartphone?

Google, Kindle, and Nook all have browser-based reading programs available, so you can read the book on nearly any computer.


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