Geekomancy for $1.99 (Limited-Time Sale)

My publisher, Pocket Star, has approved a very cool offer for Geekomancy. Starting with the release day and going for a couple of weeks (exact time frame to be determined), Geekomancy will be available for a special sale price of $1.99! That’s a 66% cut for your benefit! The idea with the sale price will be to get more attention for the book and make it very easy to hand-sell at San Diego Comic-Con. If food and drinks cost as much at SDCC as thy do at BEA, then you should be able to buy two copies of Geekomancy for the same price as a Coke Zero. I mean, two bucks! My book will be cheaper than a pack of Magic: The Gathering and give more entertainment hours than two movies (depending on how fast you read).

For a new author, exposure is nearly as important as raw sales (though sales are always important), and this is a great way to get more attention for the book. I will be waving the flag for the sale a great deal, as will Pocket. Getting a lot of sales in a limited time pushes a book up the sales rankings and gets it in front of a lot more buyers as they browse casually, which leads to more chances to sell and more chances for those readers to recommend it to other readers.

For those of you who have already pre-ordered the book (thank you!), you should get the book at the special price rather than the normal $5.99.  Your early adoption will be rewarded, as is only proper.

When I know exactly how long the promotion will last, I’ll be sure to post that as well, so we can do everything possible to give people the chance to get in on the ground floor with my first novel.


Quick Made-up FAQ:

Q: But Mike, what will this do to your royalties?

A: I will get the same percentage of sales, but the revenue will be lower per sale. Since eBooks don’t get returned from shelves, there is less of an impetus for an eBook to sell OMG ALL THE COPIES RIGHT NOW!!! like there is for paper  books placed into physical bookstores. Simple math says I’ll need to sell 3x as many books at the sale price to make as much in royalties, but since it is a limited-time offer, all sales after that introductory push will be at the normal price ($5.99), barring other promotions that Pocket might decide to run.

Q: Where can I buy Geekomancy again?

A: Geekomancy is available on Barnes &,, iBooks, and will be available on other platforms like Google eBooks.

Q: I don’t have an erader. Can I still enjoy Geekomancy?

A: Of course! Most of the eBook platforms have downloadable programs to read their books on a PC/Mac/Laptop.

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