Author, Keep Your STET Hand Strong

Copy edits have arrived, which means that in addition to trying to get words down on the new novel, I’m going through the copy-edited manuscript of Geekomancy and approving the changes I like, STETing the ones I don’t, and making tweaks as needed, so that the novel is as most-amazingly-awesome-tastic as possible when it goes to the production team to be turned into an eBook.

For those not in the publishing biz, STET is used when a writer or editor wants to indicate “leave it the way it was”. Adam noted ‘STET phase’ or ‘STET neologism’ several times throughout to tell the copyeditor to not change my whacky language.

I’ve used the STET-hammer a number of times myself, but the most fun in copy edits so far has been pulling out my DVD of The Empire Strikes Back to fact-check the number of antenae on an Imperial Probe Droid from the beginning on Hoth (2).

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