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I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve signed with Sara Megibow of Nelson Literary Agency ( to be my literary agent. Sara is well-connected, energizingly enthusiastic, and the team at Nelson Literary is, in my opinion, in a fantastic place to help support their authors in these tricky confusing times in publishing.

Sara is working with me on GEEKOMANCY right now, and I could not be more excited. More news as it arrives!

7 thoughts on “Set Mode to Agented

  1. Always nice to find other agents looking for fantasy queries. I will need to keep them in mind, so thanks for the link.

    Although, what are your personal thoughts on self-publishing ebooks? I’m leaning in that direction if only for the control aspect and 70% royalties. That’s a tempting avenue that’s really hard to ignore…

  2. Rob,

    I think self-publishing is a real option for many, but that the most successful self-publishers (as far as I know) are those with a large list of works available, who are relentless in promotion. I do not have the time and resources to be a full-time book rep, full-time writer, and full-time self promoter, so that’s less appealing to me, especially given that I only have a couple of works that I’d be alright with putting up right now.

    Since I work with publishers, I am also well-aware of the added value they can bring to the table, and I believe that for my work and my career right now, that added value is more than worth the lessened royalties.

  3. I’m so excited to have you on the team! I remember reading Shield and Crocus’ opening last year, and being so impressed with its creativity. WOOO. Go Team Megibow!! Excited to see what happens with GEEKOMANCY. 🙂

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