Return to Geekomancy

Following on the enthusiasm and energization of World Fantasy, I am plunging back into work on Geekomancy, my super-nerdy Urban Fantasy.  The crap fairies replaced my solid first draft material with crap, but they’ll do that.  I’m growing more comfortable with my process, modifying my expectations so that the first draft is only expected to be the draft where I throw lots of energy and ideas at the page, getting the metaphorical clay onto the wheel so that I can later spin it into something awesome.

I’m currently at 62K, since I was waylaid by a terrible allergy attack yesterday and got nothing done.  I know there’s a big chunk I need to put in to introduce a character, but first, there’s a big throwdown which will involve blasters, ‘quilted mail’ made out of old convention shirts, and tall shelf-stacks full of other geeky memorabilia.

Thanks to one of the singles from “Ceremonials,” the new Florence + The Machine album, I have the theme for the ending of the novel, now I just need to get there.  I’m guessing that I’ll need another 20-30K of draft to get to the end, including going back and writing in an important character earlier.


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