Look! Shiny!

I’ve decided to try out a new theme for the blog — I’m still working on making all of my social media things line up — I’d love for this blog to post to my personal LiveJournal, but haven’t put the time in making that go yet.  Mostly because when I have a fair bit of free time, I’m trying to focus on writing.

My current project, while I wait for readers to get back to me on Shield & Crocus, is trying to expand and finish a flash piece I wrote this summer.  Said story is making moon eyes at me and asking to become at least a novella, but it is forbidden from doing so.  Stay good, story, stay good!  I don’t need more long-form projects right now, you hear?  I’d love to keep it under 4K, but I at least want it to stay a short story instead of becoming a novelette (as novelettes over 7000 to 7500 words are much harder to place).

The World Fantasy Convention is coming up, and my excitement grows day by day.  It looks like I’ll be participating in a Crossed Genres reading, sharing a selection from “Last Tango in Gamma Sector,” which appeared in issue #19 of the magazine.  It will be my first author reading at a convention, which is a big excitement multiplier.

Currently Reading: The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov (one of Meg’s favorite books)
Currently Playing: Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Currently Writing: “Evening Dawn”

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