Pilot: The Event

Behold, NBC’s intended successor to LOST.  It’s tightly-paced, unfolds in a mosaic narrative style, with interlocking character arcs, mysteries abounding, and a plane.

The plane is important.  It increases the LOST resonance, and is important in the plot.

Only one episode has premiered, but sofar, I’m intrigued.  Go below for Spoiler-ed discussion.

It’s probably aliens.

At least, that’s my best guess so far.  Which could be disappointing, given that we’ve just had the remake of V, and The Event could easily retread that ground in a 24-conspiracy style and sputter and die before it can get going.

However, it might be something different, like parahumans, time-travelers, nephilim or Atlanteans.

For now, we’re stuck piecing the puzzle together as Blair Underwood (no relation) tries to handle the political ramifications and a poor scruffy-looking male lead runs around trying to find his (probably) alien/superhuman/Atlantean girlfriend.

I’m giving it a few more episodes to see how it unfolds.  If not enough is revealed, I’m likely to stop watching.  If it’s just aliens, and they seem to be both physically and culturally interchangeable with humans, then I’m probably also going to stop.  I’d love some useful sociological or biological difference, and I’d love it if the detainees turned out to be something really interesting, or if it’s something familiar done in a fresh way.

We shall see.

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