Keep an eye on this page to see me out and about in the world. Since my day job is also in publishing, sometimes I’ll be at a con in my guise as an author, and sometimes I’ll be on the clock as the North American Sales & Marketing Manager for Angry Robot Books.

Planned Appearances in 2015:

  • BaltiCon (May 22-25th) Baltimore, MD
  • BEA/BookCon (May 27th-31st) New York, NY
  • CONvergence (July 2-5th) Bloomington, MN
  • GenCon (July 30-Aug 2) Indianapolis, IN
  • Sasquan (Aug 19-23) Spokane, WA
  • Baltimore Book Festival (Sep 26-27) Baltimore, MD
  • Baltimore Comic-Con (Sep 25-27) Baltimore, MD
  • New York Comic-Con (Oct 8-11) New York, NY
  • World Fantasy Con (Nov. 5-8) Saratoga Springs, NY


Past Appearances 2014:

  • Legendary ConFusion (Detroit, MI)
  • FOGcon (Mar 7-9, San Francisco, CA)
  • BaltiCon (May 23-26, Baltimore, MD)
  • Book Expo America (May 29-31, New York, NY)
  • Phoenix Comic-Con (June 5-8, Phoenix, AZ)
  • Shield and Crocus launch party (June 20, Baltimore, MD)
  • CONvergence (July 3-6, Bloomington, MN)
  • ReaderCon (July 10-13, Burlington, MA)
  • LonCon (August 14-18, London, UK)
  • Baltimore Book Festival (September 26-28, Baltimore, MD)
  • New York Comic-Con (October 9-12, New York, NY)
  • World Fantasy Convention (November 6-9, Washington, DC)



Past Appearances:


  • ConFusion (Jan 18-20, Dearborn, MI)
  • Bergen Country SF Association (May 11th, 2013) 
  • WisCon  (May 24-27, Madison, WI)
  • Book Expo America (May 30-Jun 1, New York, NY) supporting Angry Robot, Strange Chemistry, and Exhibit A
  • American Library Association (Jun 27-Jul 2, Chicago, IL) supporting Strange Chemistry
  • Convergence (Jul 4th-7th, Boomington, MN) supporting Angry Robot
  • ReaderCon (Jul 11-14, Burlington, MA)
  • WorldCon (Aug 29-Sep 2, San Antonio, TX)
  • BoucherCon (Sep 19-22, Albany, NY) supporting Exhibit A
  • Baltimore Book Festival (Sept 27-29, Baltimore, MD)
  • New York Comic Con (Oct 10-13, New York, NY)
  • World Fantasy Con 2013 (Oct 31-Nov 3, Brighton, UK)

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